“All the breathing techniques we practised were hugely effective in reducing any pain I felt. I didn’t need any other pain relief, despite having an assisted delivery in the end). I also believe that the fact I didn’t feel scared of labour really helped me to stay calm too, and a lot of that was down to the messages you passed on at your yoga classes every week. “

Sian, Shrewsbury

“Thank you for all your support during the classes. The golden thread breath 100% worked throughout labour and I’ve used it for breastfeeding too.”

Jess, Shrewsbury

“Yoga breathing really helps. The midwife said to praise the yoga teacher as she had taught us well. Thanks so much Victoria.”

Lou, Shrewsbury

“thank you for a fab pregnancy yoga class. I’ve made friends, I’ve learned more about my body and most importantly I feel ready for labour!’

Grace, Shrewsbury

“A personalised session with Victoria was one of the most useful steps I’ve taken to prepare for the birth of my second child. I’ve done many group pregnancy yoga classes before but my session with Victoria was, in all honesty, much more helpful. She took us through a pregnancy yoga practice, making gentle, focused adjustments to improve my posture throughout. She clearly explained the different breathing techniques and how to use them in the different stages of labour and then we “breathed” through them together. She listened to our experiences of labour the first time, what we wanted to do differently this time and shared her own experience of what helped her. It was a warm and nurturing session which left me feeling more confident and calm about the birth of my second child.”

Adela, SE London



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